UK-born hip hop artist Poet Initiative releases his latest energetic single ‘DRANK TOO MUCH’.

Taking big inspiration from the Korean hip hop scene, the West London-based artist has been featured on multiple shows on Westside Radio, been featured in I Am Hip Hop Magazine, been blogged on Korean site Naver, and has made his name known on the London Open Mic scene. After gaining a fanbase through his performances, he releases his latest single ‘DRANK TOO MUCH’.

Experimenting in a number of different genres of music, he started his music career whilst living in Philadelphia, gained interest in the Korean music scene in Seoul and has a background with the UK scene, combining these influences to create an exciting unique style.

‘DRANK TOO MUCH’ introduces these styles together. Self-produced under the moniker ‘It’s Poet’, the track originally had a Korean chorus, which is where the title translates from, however was changed during recording.

Asking him for his thoughts on the track, he states, “It’s a fast-paced, energetic track that talks about my journey into music. I portray a range of different feelings within the track, and know that a hip hop fan would appreciate it.”

With the video being shot in a studio, the video is filled with effects and transitions that matches the track’s energy.

Poet Initiative already has other tracks which are ready for release, with other names on the underground scene that each provide their own energy.

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