UK-born hip hop artist Poet Initiative has teamed up with Santo for his latest track, titled ‘DIFFERENT’.

Poet Initiative takes big inspiration from the Korean scene, whether it is listening to different artists from the scene to using Korean in his own music, his aim is to one day work in that scene. ‘Different’ is another addition to that ambition, as he teams up with UK-based Korean artist Santo to create the second release he has where he uses Korean.

His interest in the Korean music scene started whilst living in Philadelphia, where he was introduced to the scene from a lot of his friends. Since then, he developed his tastes while visiting Seoul, and combines his Korean influences with his UK background.
‘DIFFERENT’ combines these styles together. Self-produced under the moniker ‘It’s Poet’, the track contains a chorus that is both English and Korean, which is also reflective of his verse. Santo has his whole part in Korean when he comes in for the second verse.

Asking him for his thoughts on the track, he states, “The track portrays my thoughts about life, how I want to pursue music and don’t want to just settle for a standard 9-5 job.”

The tracks can be streamed via the links below:

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